"I want to protect Ryoko!"
Ryoshi defending Ryoko.

Ryoshi Morino (森野亮士, Morino Ryōshi) is the male protagonist of Okami-san and Her Seven Companions series. He is 16 years old and has a crush on Ryoko Okami.


He has mid-long, dark green-blue hair and green eyes. Most of the time, only one of his eyes are shown or none at all. He sometimes wears a slingshot on his left arm when he's in combat or when he's backing his partners up. He looks to be about 176cm tall.


He has a very shy and cowardly personality and gets extremely nervous when people are staring at him (Scopophobia), but when all circumstances are good, he can be exceptional in supporting his friends and Ryoko.

Ryoshi has shown to be observant, as taught by his grandfather. This makes him suited for infiltration missions. Also, this makes him aware of the purpose of the actions of others, such as Ryoko's "tough" personality and Machiko's "clumsiness" and antics.

Ryoshi's character develops as the story continues. When Ryoko is kidnapped by Hitsujikai's lackeys, Ryoshi becomes determined to save her and is willing to fight Hitsujikai himself head-on.



He even confessed to her in the first episode but got rejected almost immediately. Ringo Akai tries to recruit him but her idea gets rejected by Ryoko. No one actually pays attention to him which can be very handy in infiltration missions but if someone actually does he tends to screw up the mission. After proving himself that he is worthy enough to be Ryoko's partner, she eventually accepts him into the group.



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  • He has a Slingshot, which uses Pachinko balls as ammunition (Note: Pachinko is a Japanese Pinball game) and is extremely accurate when aiming with it. He can even hit a baseball that is flying in mid-air.
  • Scopophobia is actually a real life anxiety disorder characterized by a morbid fear of being seen or stared at by others.
  • His character is based on the Hunter who captures the wolf in the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood." His name, roughly translated, means 'hunter of the forest'.
  • Ryoshi's right eye tends to be open when he enters "manly" mode and left eye tends to be open when he is his normal self.
  • He has two Akita's he brought with him for the countryside, who's names are Elizabeth & Françoise, both dogs are female.
  • Ryoshi has a fetish for legs.
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