Ryoko Okami (大神 涼子, Ōkami Ryōko) is the main female protagonist of Okami-san and Her Seven Companions. She is 16 years old and has a very intense personality, just like a wolf. She is 174 cm (5.8 feet) tall.


She has very long, light brown hair, and pointy golden-brown eyes.

Her common outfit is a black short sleeved sailor school girl top with red trim, a red scarf, and a black maxi skirt with slits at the sides that is held up by a loose white belt, black knee length socks, and slightly shorter brown boots with black laces and toes. The soles of her boots have a wolf paw print on the bottom.


Ryoko acts like a tsundere towards Ryoshi; In the beginning she has a mean attitude towards him but eventually begins to be kinder to him as the story progresses. Despite her aggressive personality, she's actually a very kind and gentle girl.

Ryoko adores cute dogs. When she first saw Elizabeth and Francoise, she decided to pet them, despite not knowing who the owner was (discovering it later to be Ryoshi). She is later shown to be fond of them whenever they see each other.

As seen in the series, she also cares for other animals and she enjoys reading romance novels written by Ryoshi's aunt. Each time she engages in an activity like this, she always checks to make sure no one she knows is watching her.




Ringo Akai

She is Ryoko's best friend and most trusted companion. After Ryoko had broken up with Shiro and changed her personality to be more of a tough girl, she became secluded and did not open up to anybody. Ringo was the first person who tried to be friends with Ryoko, and since then, Ryoko has opened up to her. Ringo often tries to get Ryoko to admit that she has a crush on Ryoshi or at least be honest about her feelings. This can usually range from suggesting a romantic relationship with Ryoshi (in episode 2) or telling Ryoko to tail Ryoshi on his date with Himura Machiko (in episode 12). Ryoko tends to ask Ringo for advice on certain things, such as when she asked for her opinion on what Ryoshi would like as a "reward" for helping to save her. Her character is based off of Little Red Riding Hood.

Ryoshi Morino

Ryoko and Ryoshi have a very interesting relationship. In the beginning, while doing normal jobs, Ryoko sees Ryoushi as a screw-up who cannot do anything right. However, in a fight she knows that he has got her back 100%. The two are a very good combination when it comes to fighting, with Ryoko's excellent boxing skills and Ryoshi's extremely accurate slingshot, few stand a chance at taking them down. Throughout the entire series, Ryoshi is in love with Ryoko and confesses this to her as early as the beginning of episode 1. Even though Ryoko is seen blushing at almost every mention of his feelings for her, she has no real feelings for him in the beginning of the show. However, as the series goes on, Ryoko eventually develops deep romantic feelings for Ryoshi. However, she refuses to admit to those feelings to him or to anyone else. She does care a lot about him and often gets jealous late in the series when he is with other girls. She will even lie to herself and others about doing things that involve Ryoshi simply because she cannot admit to her feelings. When the two are alone, however, she does show a softer and more friendlier side to him than she normally would.

Shiro Hitsujikai

Shiro Hitsujikai is Ryoko's ex-boyfriend and is the main reason that Ryoko's personality is so unladylike. In the past, he tried to abuse her (but told Ryoshi that he raped her in order to see Ryoushi's reaction) and because she was so weak, Ryoko could do little to defend herself. However, when Ryoko tried to tell others about how Shiro tried to abuse her, no one believed her because Shiro had made the other students think it was all Ryoko's fault. Since then, Ryoko realized that there is no one that she can rely on but herself. For that reason, she secluded herself and became a self-reliant, self-sufficient tomboy who can hold her own against anyone who thinks they can take advantage of her. Throughout the series, Shiro tries multiple times to take her hostage and use her as he did in the past. Some of these attempts are initially successful, only to be ruined by Ryoshi, along with the rest of the Otogi Bank.


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  • She is considered a tsundere character.
  • She uses two cat boxing gloves when in combat.
  • Her character is based on the wolf from the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Though on several occasions she is shown to be very different from her base character; she mostly tries to act and be like the wolf, "wearing a wolf's clothing" instead of "wearing a sheep's clothing".
  • She shows many similarities to Taiga Aisaka from the hit anime, Toradora! with both looks and attitude.
  • She has the tendency to hide her true personality behind a strong and "lone wolf" like personality, even though she is actually kind and gentle
  • She has a slight resemblance to Holo the wolf goddess from the anime Spice & Wolf, both characters are also voiced by Brina Palencia in English.
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