Otohime Ryugu (竜宮乙姫, Ryūgū Otohime) is one of the supporting characters of Okami-san and Her Seven Companions series. She is a member of The Otogi Bank.


Otohime is an extremely cute girl and many people acknowledge this especially boys. When Otohime was in elementary school, she kept her hair up in a single ring. Now her hair is extremely long and held up in two long moon disc pigtails. She generally wears a short light blue, navy, and white mini skirt outfit. Through out the series, she wears multiple outfits such as a maid uniform, tropical light blue swimsuit, grocery employee uniform, etc. She is 152cm tall.


Otohime is generally a kind and polite girl to everyone with the exception of girls who flirt with Taro Urashima.

She has shown to be frightening when necessary and little is shown to what happens to those who experience this side of her.

She especially likes to participate in sexual acts with Taro.


Otohime was made fun of due to her being overweight. She was called "Turtle", which later on ends up being the animal that represents her. However, despite all of the other kids who made fun of her, one boy did not go along with them and befriended her instead. This was Taro Urashima. Through his friendly support, Otohime was able to lose weight and actually become very attractive. Since he was so kind to her throughout this rough period in Otohimes life, she developed feelings for him, which brings them to where they are now. Despite Taro being a ladies man, Otohime still loves him and often stops his flirting by dragging him away from them.



Taro Urashima

Otohime is very obsessively in love with Taro that she often drags him to dark and shadowy places to do stuff that is never made clear, but it is heavily implied that they engage in sexual intercourse.

Mimi Usami


  • The name Otohime means "youngest princess" (乙姫).
  • Otohime's surname Ryugu means "dragon" (竜) (ryu) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (gu).



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